Kevin Holland talking to Khabib cageside DURING fight 🤣🤷‍♂️ | "Give me some wrestling advice!"

күнү жарыяланды 2021-ж., 21-мар.
Көрүүлөр 438 737

With Khabib cageside, Kevin Holland's antics between and during rounds was quite something at #UFCVegas22
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  • Graeme Matamua

    Graeme Matamua

    9 саат мурун

    Sounds like Eddie murphy in the octagon

  • Johan Kira

    Johan Kira

    16 саат мурун

    Idk why but that personality looks so fake though

  • Jam Isaq

    Jam Isaq

    20 саат мурун

    Getting pummelled is his way of having fun. My way of fun eating seafood on the beach. Go figure.

  • Adam Noah Lol

    Adam Noah Lol

    23 саат мурун

    Cmon...take this guy to Dagestan...😂😂

  • Dillard B. Commons

    Dillard B. Commons

    Күн мурун

    *Derek Bruson punching Him
    Kevin Holland: Hold On Brother. I'm Talking...

  • Quite Dope Post

    Quite Dope Post

    Күн мурун

    He's pulling a dodson

  • Gg Notre

    Gg Notre

    2 күн мурун

    Who gave this man his BJJ black belt .. he looks rusty as hell on the ground

  • B11


    2 күн мурун

    Chris Tucker xD

  • mel 007

    mel 007

    2 күн мурун

    Focus bro lol

  • Cthulu


    2 күн мурун

    He’s like Carter from rush hour lmaoooo

  • Diego Days

    Diego Days

    3 күн мурун

    kevin holland jus having fun, let him be himself yall 🤨😭

  • Jack Son

    Jack Son

    3 күн мурун

    He lost but want too far off with the points🧐

  • Carmelo Ortiz

    Carmelo Ortiz

    4 күн мурун

    That's all and funny,But he should take these fights a little more serious and respect the sport more,all that goofing around didn't win him the fight,and probably he would react differently to them take downs or try to improve position,Branson took advantage of what was given to him,props

  • edan_alexander1


    4 күн мурун

    Win or loss. I’ll always love him lmao

  • rudo vkoe

    rudo vkoe

    5 күн мурун

    Is he talking while fighting? Thats funny 😆😆😆

  • Faisal Shaikh

    Faisal Shaikh

    5 күн мурун

    another example of " Dont celebrate too early" !

    • Seen


      17 саат мурун

      But he never celebrated, even asked for wrestling advice from khabib lol

  • Lucifer


    6 күн мурун

    “Everyone just wants a belt, I just want to have a good time.”
    -Kevin Holland

  • Muhamed Aliju

    Muhamed Aliju

    6 күн мурун


  • kreay Shun

    kreay Shun

    6 күн мурун

    Other than a little disrespect to his coaches in between rounds by not listening and focusing on khabib, the guy looks like he has a great time out there. Its like a happy version of a Diaz .

  • Jan Turi

    Jan Turi

    7 күн мурун

    Disrespectful to his own coaches

  • Trevor Clausen

    Trevor Clausen

    7 күн мурун

    🤔 hmmm "New blend of psychology tactic very innefective 😟

  • Youdude


    7 күн мурун

    Want to see him fight Michael Venom Page

  • James Cooke

    James Cooke

    7 күн мурун

    Lost alot of respect for him after that fight. Can't stand these talking guys, stop wasting my time and fight or ill just watch someone else who wants to fight.

  • Yuh Yuh

    Yuh Yuh

    8 күн мурун

    Man I still love me some Kevin holland

  • Ta'e Aria

    Ta'e Aria

    9 күн мурун

    He gave him that fight

  • Chuck Watson

    Chuck Watson

    9 күн мурун

    Kevin.holland is a good dude he gained me as a fan!

  • Michael m

    Michael m

    9 күн мурун

    Sisqo done well

  • Toki Buroak

    Toki Buroak

    10 күн мурун

    Holland is in for a rude awakening when he gets in the octagon with Marvin Vettori. Marvin is hungry and angry and wants to make an example out of Holland.

  • Qhimico Asesino

    Qhimico Asesino

    12 күн мурун

    Tell me when the shots coming brother!!! Lol help me brooder lol

  • Antonie Boksel

    Antonie Boksel

    12 күн мурун

    Khabib help him against verrato

  • Max B

    Max B

    12 күн мурун

    Max was here.

  • funky town

    funky town

    12 күн мурун

    Kevin holland humiliating himself infront of the goat and dana

  • YouTube TV

    YouTube TV

    13 күн мурун

    It’s Blackie Chan

  • forza388


    13 күн мурун

    Holland has lost his marbles, vettori by ground and pound

  • hardline7


    14 күн мурун

    Kabibi full of s...

  • Sam Haine

    Sam Haine

    15 күн мурун

    Holland KILLS me everytime he gets into the octagon. Reminds me of when Booker T had the mic in TNA and was commentating for his own damn match 🤚🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    15 күн мурун

    Thata fking illegal

  • Allen Buning

    Allen Buning

    16 күн мурун

    He did not take this fight seriously.. is he on drugs?

  • Pierre Ndong

    Pierre Ndong

    16 күн мурун

    Kevin is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aman Abdulla

    Aman Abdulla

    16 күн мурун

    He is the most hilarious fighter 😂😂😂

  • Wahab Shaikh

    Wahab Shaikh

    16 күн мурун

    Kevin Holland is sickk character

  • Formal 400

    Formal 400

    16 күн мурун

    Damn he is funny

  • Abu Abdullaah

    Abu Abdullaah

    17 күн мурун

    1:47 what was that!

  • Grateful Leader

    Grateful Leader

    17 күн мурун

    Man's like some people are serious with their career?
    Nah not my thing, just here for the fun 😂

  • Google Youtube

    Google Youtube

    17 күн мурун

    If Dana changed his mind: "Khabib was never my friend".
    Also Dana: "sues Khabib 5 Million usd for illegally streaming UFC event."

  • mabz hussain

    mabz hussain

    17 күн мурун

    Kevin Holland is the black version of Tony ferguson

  • Dan1lov


    17 күн мурун

    hahahahahah legend

  • You Dont Need To Know This

    You Dont Need To Know This

    18 күн мурун

    Holland just there to make friends and have fun and I'm here for it

    • Solaiman Wahab

      Solaiman Wahab

      16 күн мурун

      except this is professional fighting at the highest level not backyard bbq party even khabib was smiling but his face says it "wtf is wrong with this dude"

  • DonCramon


    18 күн мурун

    Why does everyone think Kabib is Streaming. The commentators have monitors to watch the fight for better angels. It's standard.

  • Shabir Ahmed

    Shabir Ahmed

    18 күн мурун

    That was a weird fight.

  • OG TV

    OG TV

    18 күн мурун

    Brunson really smiling when Holland got his take down 😂 @ 1:25

  • Ku Yi

    Ku Yi

    18 күн мурун

    All Derek wanted to do was just to shut Kevin up

  • Ben Drankin

    Ben Drankin

    18 күн мурун

    Kevin holland still my favorite fighter

  • Zuhayr Rahman Serhan

    Zuhayr Rahman Serhan

    18 күн мурун

    Lol Dana watching Khabib ilegally stream

  • MacPatty


    18 күн мурун

    the ref knows hes out when he stops talking 😂

  • Bonswally


    18 күн мурун

    This is from 'My Dinner with Andre'. One of my favourites.

  • libbad


    18 күн мурун

    Help me up! 😂

  • Mars Hamon

    Mars Hamon

    19 күн мурун

    Streaming infront of DANA WHITE, Khabib has reached BOSS level. 😂

  • Jackie Moon

    Jackie Moon

    19 күн мурун

    Kevin:Lets wrestle
    Khabib:Send me location

  • Hd34 Hd34

    Hd34 Hd34

    19 күн мурун

    What he didn’t realise is that they were laugh at him and not with him.

  • Azile First

    Azile First

    19 күн мурун

    Kevin Holland was suppose to be a comedian notice him at decision time, he was so confident at raising his hands.

  • Seyfullah Alucra

    Seyfullah Alucra

    19 күн мурун

    Plot Twist in UFC history.. KHABIB IS THE STREAMER 😂😂 love this guy

  • EL Professor

    EL Professor

    19 күн мурун

    Cool man

  • Beau R B

    Beau R B

    19 күн мурун

    "Everyone wants a belt , I want a good time " that says alot about a fighter , good man 🤣

  • Callum Smith

    Callum Smith

    19 күн мурун

    What a muppet hope he never fights again

  • Murad 1988

    Murad 1988

    19 күн мурун

    This is stupid is Khabib his coach or what 😆😅

  • Naw-Da NooBie

    Naw-Da NooBie

    19 күн мурун

    Lol this guys just one of those amazing people. Aside from the fight he's participating in, he shows a wonderful mind. One that can completely separate emotions over feelings. He may feel just as relaxed it the cage as if he were out with the boys having a few drinks and a good time. But I appreciate the way needs to interact with everyone and attempt to put a smile on there face in the middle of chaos, meaning in fight.

  • shika- HUT

    shika- HUT

    19 күн мурун

    Kevin holland is a clown, Can't fight, just trash talks... Send him to Vince Mcmahon!

  • Austin Lancaster

    Austin Lancaster

    19 күн мурун

    when holland takes brunson down and yells lets goooooooooooo brunson cant help but laugh with him lol

  • Felix


    19 күн мурун

    Hahaha - Dana looks so proud @ 0:04



    19 күн мурун


  • Eugene Noah

    Eugene Noah

    19 күн мурун

    This guy wanabe Johnny Walker 2.0

  • egotistical egg

    egotistical egg

    19 күн мурун

    Whys everyone so mad this dude is mad funny

  • longJohn Richard

    longJohn Richard

    19 күн мурун

    Dana was right when he said this guy had a mental breakdown

  • Callum Moulstone

    Callum Moulstone

    20 күн мурун

    Was Brunson laughing when he got taken down?

  • Jack Lim

    Jack Lim

    20 күн мурун

    This.... is..... literally..... Deadpool.

  • Ayam Hias Indonesia

    Ayam Hias Indonesia

    20 күн мурун

    Khamzat laughing look this 🤣

  • Seville Howell

    Seville Howell

    20 күн мурун

    The moment Kevin put his hands up then down was too funny

  • Benjamin Pauza

    Benjamin Pauza

    20 күн мурун

    I would hate to be that guy’s coach

  • Fabio Afonso

    Fabio Afonso

    20 күн мурун

    Imagine get an L from bumson 😂



    20 күн мурун

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂This is so fun.

  • Joe Keegan

    Joe Keegan

    20 күн мурун

    He wernt even tryin 🤣

  • Flesz


    20 күн мурун

    Holland - im just here for my paycheck

  • Trex Mint

    Trex Mint

    20 күн мурун

    2:20 le invitaba agua 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

  • Akbarr. ps

    Akbarr. ps

    20 күн мурун

    Dead pool in real life

  • xherdan Big shaq

    xherdan Big shaq

    20 күн мурун

    He thinks he's funny

  • Navigating El

    Navigating El

    20 күн мурун

    I would be pissed If I was Holland's cornerman. This was a clown show

  • hellohellohello


    20 күн мурун

    🤣🤣🤣 this guys instantly my new fave fighter 🤣 it's like he's just happy to be there haha

  • raycorey


    20 күн мурун

    He was funny until when he wasn’t funny anymore.

  • Sueta Suet

    Sueta Suet

    20 күн мурун

    kevin big mouth holland

  • Ngin Aci

    Ngin Aci

    20 күн мурун

    Kevin holland😂

  • Alee S

    Alee S

    20 күн мурун

    Kevin Holland is funny.

  • War Ge 4

    War Ge 4

    20 күн мурун

    Didn't see the fight, was it so boring ?

  • Dave Lloyd

    Dave Lloyd

    21 күн мурун

    3 mins man😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bob Brush

    Bob Brush

    21 күн мурун

    Forget cejudo. Hollands the king of cringe

  • moes Gaudin

    moes Gaudin

    21 күн мурун

    Both may lose their contracts. Ain taking to serious

  • Alex SB

    Alex SB

    21 күн мурун

    Kev Holland made himself look like an absolute fool

  • Farrukh Rakhimov

    Farrukh Rakhimov

    21 күн мурун

    Brilliant guy

  • Ido's Ideas

    Ido's Ideas

    21 күн мурун

    He's indirectly disrespecting his coaches though by doing this. Hope he can change his approach next time

  • Tosin Awe

    Tosin Awe

    21 күн мурун

    Lights were too bright for him...didn't know how to he just tried talking his nervousness away.